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Success and Failure

Article published: 10/12/2010 in Rajkot Plus, The Times of India

When asked to distinguish between success and failure, most common answers we would get are: If success is a dream, failure is a nightmare. If success is sky, failure is underground. If success is right end of a line, failure is left. Putting both of them in a metaphorical manner, success is being able to build a colossal glass palace and failure is getting only a set of broken unworthy shards after attempting for the grand palace, from where it seems futile to try again. In short, most of the people believe both phenomena are opposites. All these opinions are the products of commonplace mindsets. To understand and achieve success, these types of distinctions have to go to garbage.

What we should keep in mind is that if success is a dream, failure is the alarm to wake up. If success is sky, failure is the meter of our capacity providing us the realization how higher and powerful jump we need next time. They are not the opposite ends of a line. But they are actually different points marked on the same straight line. We have a few failure points to cross before we can get to the point of success.

There are no short-cuts to success; the only way to get there is through the oceans of challenges and pitfalls. The only compass which will guide us through this ocean is our own hard-work and perseverance.

After each disappointment, we have to stay motivated and keep spraying the water of inspiration to extinguish the flames of failure that burn and ruin our ambitions. We shall never get discouraged by ‘denials’ and ‘refusals’. They should be taken as stones to make ourselves stronger and to build up our character.

Glass can be reheated to melt. We should liquefy the broken glass shards by the heat of burning desire within us and then we’ll be able to reshape the colossal glass palace.

Success is just “n(struggles+failures)” kilometers away. The value of “n” we will never know. But we do know that with every struggle endured and every failure discarded, we move a step closer to destiny.

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