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Peace of Mind

If someone asks me to name one thing that is bringing down the standards and quality of life, I would promptly reply saying – lack of mind’s peace.

Global warming has pulled everyone’s attention. The temperature of the earth is nudging up and so is human brain’s. I will not wonder if a research result comes out claiming that higher temperature of human heads contribute profoundly to global warming. The burners which turn the heat on brain are envy, hatred, anger etc. These sins have become the driving forces of life in today’s world.

Wealth has been promoted to the topmost priority while values like humanitarianism and honesty have hit rock bottom. As a result, today’s earth faces the greediest and most selfish human race in the history of existence. The minds are rattled beyond limit in the process. And even after acquiring world’s greatest materialistic pleasures, peace of mind is out of sight.

However, disturbance of mind is not just limited to those crook people committing crimes and treacheries. The turbulence of mind also torments the good lot of the people also. Mental suffering causes deep incisions which are more severe than their physical counterparts. Physical injuries cause pain, but mental wounds cripple the soul.

Stress is another fuel that propels the brain towards turmoil. Working schedules are set as if men are machines. Hectic time-table pushes every individual beyond full-stretch. Therefore, the serenity of mind is lost. Targets to fulfill are unbelievable and demand grueling efforts which send the tranquility out of the window and chaos enters the brain thrashing and breaking the doors. Work-place politics is a kick to the hopes of a calm life at office. Struggling relationships and deteriorating social values push the life into a jeopardy and brain into a vortex.

Before signing off, I would like to suggest a few solutions to keep stress at bay. One of them is meditation. Another is to spend time with Mother Nature. My favorite is to cultivate a hobby and continuously pursuing it. Let’s fight out all the obstacles and achieve this divine feeling called ‘peace of mind’.

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