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Hazard-ous Belgium ruin Tunisian tunes

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In one of the most galvanizing World Cup encounters, Belgium executed a skilfully orchestrated riot to rattle Tunisian dreams in a high-scoring opera at Spartak Stadium in Moscow.

In the early minutes of the match, when Belgian striker Eden Hazard converted the penalty, it had already sent the alarming Bell-gium ringing for Tunisia.

After Lukaku scored the second goal in the 16th minute, Tunisia managed to pull one back only two minutes later, but two injuries and forced substitutions in their defence line in the first half had badly disturbed the rhythm they had hoped for.

Both the Belgian strikers Hazard and Lukaku nestled the net twice each as Tunisian defence kept crumbling further. Their spirited two goals in reply were not good enough to salvage their lost song.

With such a display of force and fervor, Belgium have played a loud warhorn for all the other teams to hear. It will be exciting to see how this team fares in the knockout stages.

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