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Germany: Back from ‘Low’. Back from the dead.

Image Credit: Indian Express

Following an unexpected and indigestible defeat against Mexico, Joachim Low’s side hit a new ‘Low’ when midfielder Toni Kroos gave away the ball to the opposition at Fisht Stadium, Sochi, a blunder that led to the Swedish goal and almost cost the world champions their crown.

The mighty Germans came out reinvigorated in the second half and equalized through Reus in the 48th minute. However, they were inflicted with one more heavy setback when their ace defender Jerome Boateng was shown a second yellow and was sent off.

With just 1 point in two matches and only 10 men on the pitch, the world champions could feel the creek of the exit door. Every German face told the same story of agony and anguish. Till the 90+4th minute that is.

Image Credit: NDTV

With what will go down in history as one of the most heroic and inspirational goals, Toni Kroos wrote a breathtaking salvation story by scoring in the last few seconds of the stoppage time to revive Germany in the competition. One cannot imagine to see a faster tilt of fate or a quicker turn of fortunes than what we saw in this match.

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