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Expectations and Reality

Do not expect’ seems to be the mantra to avoid disappointments. People with expectations suffer a greater deal than the other lot when reality doesn’t turn out as they had anticipated. When this occurs time and again, some people turn to the refuge of this philosophy of not expecting anything from anyone.

But what is life without expectations? If you cross out feelings like expectations, ambitions, desires and hope from life, what meaning does life have? It is the very uncertainty about whether your dream will be fulfilled or not fuels the life and the living. Without that life would become hollow and a monotonous piece of meaninglessness. Further, you can’t get all you wish for. There’s no fun in that either. If reality constructed your life as per the blueprint of your expectations, what would be left to live for?

If an expectation is not fulfilled, give another try. If one expectation is failed, don’t let it affect another one. Reality might be bitter and harsh, but never lose hope and don’t stop expecting. It may frustrate you, devastate you but it should never stop you. One sweep of reality cannot wipe out a significant desire of your life. Welcome the reality with a smiling face and extended arms but don’t close the doors for your expectations.

Imagine expectations and reality as two circles. Sometimes, they are far apart, not even touching. But push them closer by continuous efforts. Work your way through your life to get these circles to overlap. With some more attempts, you may even get these circles to superimpose.

If you are waiting for a delicious dish of your expectations to be served and get a bitter pill of reality instead, you have to swallow it anyway. But keep looking for the dish you wanted. Don’t let the expectations die because expecting makes living worthwhile. Many fail to realize it that when an expectation is fulfilled the amount of joy is as enormous as the unfulfillment is painful. All the disappointments will be nullified even if one of many is fulfilled, or even the same one is accomplished after many tries. So live ‘in’ reality but live ‘for’ your expectations.

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