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A Tryst with Failure

What if you went on a date with Failure…


      “They’re staring at us,” she said.

      I scanned around at the curious restaurant crowd.

    “Things must’ve been quite different when you came here with Success.” Her voice was calm despite the fact that she spoke of her opposite number. Failure, sitting across the table, again rose above the common myths held about her.

    “Yes,” I answered. “Last time when I came with her, these people were all smiling and lined up to shake hands with us. I’m actually quite amazed how quickly they can change.”

      She fidgeted with a tissue and smiled. “That’s obvious. Nobody wants to be with me.” She acknowledged the fact and sounded to be alright with it.

       I got my cell-phone out and checked for any notification as she watched me.

      “What are you looking for?” she asked.

      I stayed quiet.

     “It’s Success, isn’t it? Do you think she’ll get back to you so soon?” She turned annoyed.

      I locked the screen and put the phone down.

  “You know, that’s the problem with you people,” Failure said angrily. “You never appreciate what you have and always make a run for what’s gone or something beyond reach. She demanded a lot from you. When you couldn’t do it, she left. But you’re still…” She stopped short.

    “I have to get her back. You know that,” I said politely.

   “I know. But right now you’re with me, on a date. And you don’t feel an ounce of hesitation in obsessing over my rival in front of me?” She was fuming now.

      I waited for her pacification.

    She closed her eyes for a while and regained her equanimity. “If you just spend a little time with me,” she said, her voice now magically soothing, “talk to me about certain things, I can work wonders in your life. I have a lot to teach and unlike Success I don’t expect anything in return.” Her eyes were intensely looking into mine as she spoke. “I don’t even expect to be with you forever. But at least for the time you’re with me, I seek your proper attention.”

      Her every word entered my heart and mind head-on. “Okay,” I said and nodded.

    “Alright!” she said excitedly. “Now let’s order something to eat now. I’m starving.” She studied the menu. “I have really savored munching on your hopes and wishes for the past few days. Now I’d like to have a pizza with your dreams as its toppings.” She gave me a wry smile.

    I returned the smile and said, “You can enjoy chewing my dreams as much as you want. But remember, I’ll always have more of those than you can crush among your teeth.”

      She laughed. “Now we’re talking!”

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